Better Posture in 1 Easy Exercise

Perhaps the most consistent request I get from golfers over 40 is to re-capture the yardage they once had in their youth.  We all know that increasing the amount of coil or X-factor will produce a greater sling shot effect.  What is less intuitive is that poor posture in the address position can actually inhibit the upper body’s ability to turn.

Try it.  Sit with your shoulders rounded forward and turn your upper body to each side.  Now draw your shoulders back and down, then turn to each side again. You should see a marked difference in the amount of turning ability.

If you set up to the ball with your shoulders rounded forward, you’ll get less turn, hence less coil, in other words, less separation between the upper and lower body.  This equals less distance.  A round-shouldered position is a direct result of tightness in the upper back caused by leaning over computers, laptops, PDA’s and cell phones.

The following simple exercises will free up tightness in the back, upper chest  and also the front of the shoulder rotator cuff that pulls you into a rounded address position.  You’ll also look like a champion when you walk down the fairway to find those long drives!

Chest Expansion Exercise

Bob Quirk, a PGA Class A teaching professional and club-fitter, did this exercise every day for about 10 days.  He saw 7.5 mph more club head speed in his drives.  And each mph equates to about 2 to 2.5 more yards!


Stand up straight with your arms hanging naturally straight down from your shoulders, palms facing behind you.  The club is held horizontally behind your back resting in your hands with no bend at the wrists.

Inhale, pull your navel up and in, as you pull the club slightly back and away from your body without lifting your shoulders.
Exhale, keep the navel pulled up and in, and return to the starting position.





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Physical Techniques Needed for Good Putting

99% of golfers come to me because they have heard Pilates will help them hit the ball farther. And let’s face it, most golfers – guys AND gals – get a thrill from driving down the fairway ahead of their foresome!

No More Back Pain, a Pilates-based golf conditioning program, can quickly increase yardage, sometimes in as little as a few days. But the surprising result for my clients is how applying Pilates techniques to the golf swing will also help putting. Here’s how.

Joseph Pilates believed all movement originates in the true core. Not the 6-pack abs, but the deep muscles buried beneath the larger outer muscles of the torso. These “stabilizers” do just that. When the Transverse Abdominus, Psoas, Glutes, and other muscles of the trunk are strong, they stabilize the pelvis and hips. And as you’ve read in all the magazines, for putting you need to be stable or “quiet” in the low body.

Interestingly, sit ups and crunches do not strengthen the true core. Simply pulling your navel “up and in” toward your spine, engages or shortens the core muscles. Joseph Pilates believed that to be efficient, all movement is initiated in the core muscles.

We use the Hole In One Pilates DVD which shows how to apply Pilates principles to the golf swing, starting with putting. You can get more information at
Purchase the DVD directly from NoMoreGolfPain.


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Hello golfers!

I am very excited to be sharing simple techniques developed by Joseph Pilates that can help you hit the ball farther and straighter with less risk of injury.  Watch this space for updates, write me with questions, and hopefully you’ll soon have No More Physical Golf Pain to squelch the agony of defeat on the course!

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