About NoMoreGolfPain

NoMoreGolfPain grew out of my own pain – a series of sports injuries that would heal superficially but never really go away! Living in France, alternative medicine was more readily accepted but still, standard treatment didn’t help me until I found Pilates.  The rest is history!  I hope I can help you as well. Merci! A bientot!


2 responses to “About NoMoreGolfPain

  1. Hello NMGP,
    I have just began to feel lower back pain on and off the course. Any focused stretches/positions/ moves for that area?
    Thansk for the twitter follow!

    • nomoregolfpain

      Thanks for the note, Rudy!

      Pilates work in general is used to help alleviate back pain, especially in the low back and neck.
      This is through strength of the true core, not the 6-pack abs and elongation of the spine with separation of the vertebrae.
      In addition, studies at Harvard have shown that greater than 90% of back pain is the result of tightness in the muscles pulling the spine out of alignment, resulting in pain.

      Using the work I learned from the Hole in One Pilates program I have been able to help golfers eliminate back pain in only 10 minutes per day of VERY simple, easy movements. The most basic is the pelvic tilt that gives mobility to the muscles in the low back.

      Lie on your back with your knees bent and your body relaxed.
      Flatten the natural curve of your back GENTLY into the floor, rocking the pelvis and hips backwards WITHOUT lifting the
      rear end or tail bone. Reverse and arch the back gently.
      THE RANGE OF MOTION for YOU will be determined by how comfortable you feel in each direction.
      IF there is any pulling, limit the amount of movement.
      It will increase with time as the back muscles become more flexible.
      REPEAT 10 – 15 times
      BE SURE TO BREATHE naturally, don’t hold breath.

      We use a DVD you can purchase at http://www.holeinonepilates.com.

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